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Traveller Lite Knife

The Victorinox Traveller Lite will never leave you in the dark – thanks to the white LED and the many high-quality orientation aids.

CyberTool Lite

Thanks to the bright LED and magnifying glass, no corner of the workstation remains in the dark. The Victorinox CyberTool Lite is also the ideal pocket tool for electronics work.

Collapsible Bucket

The Collapsible Bucket from Lifeventure is ultra lightweight and folds down incredibly small while still being able to hold a whopping 15L. Folding down into the palm of your hand it is convenient enough to take with you wherever you go and once filled it will stand independently for your convenience.

Collapsible Bowl

The Collapsible Bowl from Lifeventure is ultra lightweight and folds down incredibly small while still being able to hold a whopping 10L. Folding down into the palm of your hand it is convenient enough to take with you wherever you go and once filled it will stand independently making it ideal for freshening yourself up

OgoDisk Mini

The OgoDisk Mini from Ogo is a hand trampoline for throwing, catching and bouncing balls with friends. It will help balls soar through the sky when thrown but the catching area is very small making you concentrate hard to ensure you don’t drop it. When the sun is shining on the pool you can use

Den Kit

The Den Kit from Flibberty is a great way to get children of young and old exploring their imagination and surroundings whether it be in the outdoors or at home.Simply grab your haversack full of kit and head into a world where you have to build your own shelter to protect you from the elements,

Waboba Extreme Ball

Grab a friend and head to the water with your Waboba Extreme Ball for some serious fun. Spread out and throw it like you are skipping a rock and then repeat often. Throwing side ways will skip the ball low across the water.Throw overhand to make your ball bounce higher.Avoid throwing it straight down as

Swedish Eco Torch Large

The Swedish Eco Torch from The Green Olive Firewood Co. is a great way to create a warm and welcoming ambience in an outdoor environment. Whether you use it as a garden candle, wood BBQ or campfire for your friends to gather round with their marshmallows. It is easy to light and will burn for

Ultima Knife

The Ultima Knife from Blue Mountain is a handy stainless steel multi-tool for the active outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are hiking and mountaineering or fishing and foraging this tool has everything you need to get by and more. It has 13 different functions including a handy carabiner that allows you to clip it to your

Multi-Tool & Knife Set

The Multi-Tool and Knife Set from Blue Mountain is a great set for those who like to always be prepared. Whether you are out hiking, camping, fishing or foraging these tools will ensure you have everything you need when in the outdoors. They are supplied in a small tin that is perfect for stashing bits

Rowan Table 80cm

The Rowan Table is an ideal piece of furniture to enjoy a feast with your partner, family or friends.

24 LED Lantern with Remote

With a 120 lumen output, you can bring plenty of light into your tent or light up your campsite with this ultra bright 24 LED Lantern With Remote from Blue Mountain. The handy remote control allows you to turn the lantern on or off from a distance, while a hanging hook and a 35 hour

StormForce Lantern 8W

A whopping 350 lumens from the Blue Mountain StormForce Lantern will light your way on the darkest night in the darkest campsite, the ten metre spread of light makes this lantern an extremely useful piece of kit. At low output, this lantern will stay lit for up to 6 hours as the variable brightness mode

Expandable Water Carrier 15L

Make your camping life easier by not having to trek to the water tap every time you want a brew. Fill this 15L water carrier when you arrive, store it in a cool place and have your own water supply close by when you need it.

Aspen Table

A smashing camping table that neatly folds flat after use. It’s sturdy steel frame keeps things stable whilst the surface is easy to clean and a great place to sit and eat. The Vango Aspen Table is a simple but very effective piece of furniture.

Cypress Table

The Vango Cypress Table is small and compact, ideal for those camping in a small tent with limited space or can be used as a bed side table.

Alder Table

The Vango Alder is a lightweight six-person table that packs down to a handy portable size. It is best suited for families or groups of friends looking for a spacious table to host homemade meals or barbecue buffets in the evening.

Table One

The super lightweight Table One from Helinox is a small, compact table for you to take on any outdoor adventure. It packs down easily and utilises DAC poles for maximum strength and stability for the lowest weight. It has two drink holders to eliminate the chance of spilling on uneven ground, as well as space

Sunwall for Event Shelter 10×10

The Sunwall for the Coleman Event Shelter, 10 x 10ft, provides excellent shade for those who don’t like to be in the sun too long. Fitting perfectly onto the side of your Event Shelter it is easy to attach and equally easy to take down. It also provides you with a little extra privacy and

Toronto Large Table

The Toronto Table from Outwell is a great addition to your kit. Whether you use it for camping or in your backgarden throughout summer, it is sure to be the centre of all your activities.Fill it with food and drink at meal times and in between scatter it with crafts, crosswords, games and colouring books