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Ultralight Hammock Large

Our Ultralight Hammocks features a specially designed 20D Nylon monofilament fabric. It’s whisperlight appearance is matched on the scales, coming in at a tiny 140g. The fabric is more than strong enough to take the load of a sleeping camper, rated at 135kg*. Being a monofilament fabric, it is also highly compressible making for a

Small Stuffsack

The Small Stuffsack from Vaude is a small sized extra pouch

Medium Stuffsack

The Medium Stuffsack from Vaude is a medium sized extra pouch

Large Stuffsack

The Large Stuffsack from Vaude is a large sized extra pouch

Clif Bar White Macadamia Nut

When it comes to feeding your body, nothing beats real food. With a mix of whole grains, protein and fibre, the legendary Clif Bar gives you sustained energy for your workout, you workday or your weekend adventure.Ingredients:Brown rice syrup, rolled oats (14.3%), soy protein isolate, cane syrup,roasted soybeans, rice flour, macademia nuts (5.2%), dried cane

Energy Gel + Caffeine Raspberry (40g)

Race proven in the World’s toughest competitions High 5’s Energy Gel Plus Raspberry provides instant energy with caffeine a boost, and 23g of carbohydrate energy. With real juice flavours for a light refreshing taste it will go down well on the go. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Ingredients:Glucose, Water, Maltodextrin, Fruit Juice (Orange, Lemon), Acidity Regulators

Hammock Tarp

The Hammock Tarp from Sea To Summit compliments your lightweight and compact hammock by providing the most effective coverage without adding excess weight or bulk. The minimalist design tapers towards the ends where the hammock narrows and has a single tie-out point on one side, providing enough room for you to cook under. Two tie-out

Hammock Tree Protector

These Hammock Tree Protectors from Sea To Summit will ensure that the trees you hang our hammock from will be there for many more generations. A thin strap can remove the outer layer of bark, which can prevent the tree from supplying nutrients. The high strngth plated steel buckles quickly attach to the Suspensions Straps

Ultralight Hammock

The Ultralight Hammock from Sea To Summit has been designed using 20D Nylon monofilament fabric to ensure for minimal weight, without compramising strength. It is also highly compressible making for a miniscule pack size. The buckle is made from high strength, lightweight aluminum in order to save those extra grams. The webbing loop is triple

Hammock Suspender Hanging Kit

The Hammock Suspender Hanging Kit from Therm-a-rest is the perfect simple solution for hanging your hammock that won’t hurt the tree. Simply find two trees up to 173cm around and wrap the suspenders around them and then clip in your hammock and adjust to your preference. It hasn’t been easier to put your feet up

Webbing Strap

Combining tree-friendly properties, small packing size, higher durability and higher load (until 200kg / 440lbs) . The Ticket To The Moon Webbing Strap is completely adjustable and ideal for a quick setup or takedown.You can install the strap on any sturdy object, slippery surfaces, trees etc. The strap is 2 cm wide and 2.6m long,

Double Hammock

A comfortable sleep and ideal protection from rocky, wet, or sloping terrain as well as from insects and small reptiles. Made of high grade parachute nylon fabric, the elasticity adjusts perfectly to your body. The signature range of Ticket To The Moon hammocks is also durable, breathable, anti-mildew, skin-friendly, rot-resistant and quick to dry (machine