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SwissTool with Pouch

The classic SwissTool: with serrated blade and multi-tool long nosed pliers.

Pocket Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener is perfect for travel, takes up very little space and is easy to use. Simply remove the cap and pull the knife through the provided ceramic notch. The grinding stone is used for repairing dents and to sharpen relatively badly worn blade edges. Suitable for all blades.

No.8 Carbon Outdoor Knife Gift Box

The No.8 Carbon Outdoor Knife Gift Box from Opinel will make a wonderful present for your favourite outdoor bushcraft enthusiast. The knife features a carbon steel blade which boasts excellent cutting qualities as well as being easy to sharpen when the time comes. The beech handle has an ergonomic design and is finished with a

No.7 Round Ended Safety Blade

The No.7 Round Ended Safety Blade from Opinel is ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you’re wood carving, building cabins to take shelter for the night, model making or simply just exploring nature at its wildest. It boasts a Virobloc double safety ring which locks the blade open or closed for safe use and safe transportation.

10cm Sharpening Stone CP

The 10cm Sharpening Stone from Opinel is made with natural Lombard stone which boasts excellent sharpening qualities thanks in large to its uniform balance of quartz and carbonates.


The Leatherman Signal is a well equipped multi-tool that will ensure you have everything you need for both the expected and unexpected. It boasts 19 different tools that will each come into their own when you need them most. Perhaps most notably it features a Diamond-coated sharpener that allows you to maintain your straight and

EvoWood S557 Knife

The EvoWood S557 Lockblade Swiss Army Knife is a pocket-sized toolbox. This feature-packed Swiss Army knife has a 63-millimetre locking stainless steel blade, lever design serrated-edge scissors and pliers, and is equipped to perform 19 different functions. The ergonomic handles of the EvoWood S557 are contoured to fit perfectly into your hand for a comfortable,

EvoGrip S54 Knife

The EvoWood S54 Swiss Army Knife features beautiful genuine hardwood handles and a lock blade, as well as 30 other implements. The ergonomic handles of the EvoWood S54 feature concave and convex contact points perfectly designed for the human hand. Hold one, and you’ll understand.

SwissTool Spirit Plus with Pouch

The best proof that multi-tool pliers can be both elegant and ergonomically designed. With 38 functions, bit wrench and bit case with six standard bits.

SwissTool Spirit and Ratchet with Pouch

Multi-tools are full of extremes. They’re extremely handy, extremely functional and extremely compact. And the SwissTool Spirit Plus proves they can also be extremely elegant. It’s a lighter, more ergonomic, more beautiful multi-tool. And you’ll notice this every time you use it. Which is good, because you’ll be using it extremely often.

Bit Wrench Kit

A ratchet wrench with 6 bits.

Outrider Knife

When you far away from civilization, you need a companion that you can rely on. But the Outrider Knife also provides good services in both home and garden.

RangerGrip 68 Knife

The RangerGrip 68 Knife is always ready to support you in everything you do. Its large locking blade features a thumb hole so it can be opened with just one hand; and its dual density scales ensure excellent grip as you get to work. Like all of the knives in the Ranger series, it’s made

RangerWood 55 Knife

The Victorinox RangerWood 55 Knife is designed to take on any challenge with safety, performance and efficiency built in. The ergonomic handles are made from genuine hardwood.The RangerWood 55 features a locking knife blade, a double-cut wood saw and a corkscrew. This knife puts the power to take on bigger problems with more control right

RangerGrip 74 Knife

The RangerGrip 74 Knife is always ready to support you in everything you do. Its large locking blade features a thumb hole so it can be opened with just one hand; and its dual density scales ensure excellent grip as you get to work. Like all of the knives in the Ranger series, it’s made

Fisherman Knife

When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer’s knife. And that legend continues with the Fisherman Knife. It was designed and built with the needs of the fisherman in mind, so naturally it includes a fish scaler and a hook disgorger. Keep it in your tackle box


Fantastic credit card sized tool with loads of handy features. All the tools slide into the transparent case. Thin enough to keep in your pocket or wallet. With nail file, scissors, small knife, tweezers, tooth pick, pen and ruler.

No.8 Outdoor Knife

The legendary, iconic Opinel pocket knife, made even more rugged and wilderness-ready!The blade is secured by Opinel’s Virobloc twist-collar system, and is made using high grade Sandvik stainless steel for corrosion resistance in the face of the great outdoors. It’s thick too, for greater strength, and has a shackle key built into it, useful for

Swedish FireKnife

The Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife is an extremely convenient bright idea which combines a high-quality knife and the renowned Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel firestarter.The knife is manufactured by the quality Swedish knife company Mora and has been designed in a very modern and colour-coordinated style with a range of bright colours to choose

Signature Knife

The popular pocket-tool on a key chain provides valuable services for you every day. It is small, light, elegant, robust and functional all at the same time – an indispensable companion. The Victorinox metal inlay Emblem in the polished Cellidor handle is your guarantee of quality. The Signature – with its handy ballpoint pen –