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Folding Shovel

A useful folding shovel constructed of tough steel; keep it in the car for emergencies or just general use in the outdoors.

Weez 2 Sledge

When the snow settles and the local hill is covered with sledgers this winter, make sure you are one of them on your funky two seater TSL Weez 2 Sledge. This cool 2 seater design is durable, tough and able to take up to 80kg in weight. With 2 integrated hand brakes and a handle

Snow Scooter

What do you get if you cross a snowboard with a scooter? A whole load of fun! With non-skid foot panels, a hinged handle to provide great control and in-line tail ridges on the underside to keep you on track, a snow covered hillside never looked so inviting!A great way for kids (and big kids)

Hamax UFO Snow Disc

Perhaps the most fun you can have in the snow without having to shell out for a heli-drop. The UFO Snow Disc is synonymous with hurtling down the snowy hills with the biggest smile on yours and your kids face. It’s the most fun you can have with a piece of plastic.

Luges Pelles

The EDA Sledge will provide hours of fun in the snow. With a lightweight design, the sledge can be carried around with ease.


A great little compass to help you navigate while outdoors.

Sno Rider / Flat Sledge

Simple but fast! The Sno Rider is a lightweight plastic sledge with two side handles for braking and steering. Featuring a pull cord for easy towing, this is the perfect sledge for some serious winter fun.

Butane Race Wax 80g

The Butane Race Wax 80g from Datawax is built for experts and racers looking for the ultimate in performance the choice is a high fluorocarbon wax. DataWax Butane Race is packed with locked in fluorocarbon.

Box of 5 Fast Wax Sachets

The Box of 5 Fast Wax Sachets from Datawax is a quick solution to waxing that is easy to pack and carry with you, perfect for holidays or weekends. Take a box on holiday and use the sachets to make your skis or board go faster and turn more easily.Make the best of your time

Hot Sheet

The Hot Sheet from Hamax provides all the fun you need on the snow. It is lightweight and super easy for children to carry and use, providing as many hours of fun as you can handle while the snow sticks around. Park your bum, hold on tight and go as fast as you dare.